Grades Pre-K-2
Grades 3-12
Early America I: Colonial Art
Early America II: Historical Art
Early America III:Genre
Early America IV: Frontier Art
Native American Indian Art
African-American Art
Comparing Regions of America
Regions I: Northeast
Regions II: Mid-West
RegionsIII: West &Southwest
The Art of Massachusetts
Cities in America
American Painting
The Art of China
Ancient Egypt
Greek and Roman Art
Art of the Incas and Aztecs
The Renaissance
Post Impressionism
Still Lifes
Women Artists
Inuit Art
Landscapes East and West
Social Realism
Art of Mexico
Immigration in America
Art of India
Two Cultures Meet: Native Americans/Europeans
Spanish and Latin American Art
NEW: The Art of France
Extended Programs
All programs begin with a basic introduction to the elements of composition (subject, medium, color, light, line and texture). Students then have a foundation for discussion and comparison of works of art and are able to observe, analyze and interpret the images they view with more confidence and enjoyment. If there is an interest in a subject that is not listed, please inquire. New topics are available with ample notice.

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