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South School Teacher to Parent

Hi Mrs. DiGangi,
     Mr. Taylor and I were most impressed with the Art Quest Program. The presenter was very knowledgeable and had a great presentation style. Each class had a full hour presentation that was well organized. She made the children think about  the art itself as well as the historical context within which it was created. They looked at some of the engravings that Paul Revere did during the Revolutionary War and talked about propaganda as well as many other styles.
      I read the literature that she gave us later and discovered that she not only had a history degree, but also an education degree. It had backgrounds on all of the presenters and they all had art history  degrees or experience in the arts and also education credentials. I think this is important because they really know how to engage the students. Many of the students from my class participated, even some that I would not have thought would be interested. They made great observations and connections.
     I was curious about the cost of this program. Is it expensive? Let me know. Your money was well spent on this one.
Mary Ann Begley

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