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Oak Hill Middle School

Hi Emily,
I just wanted to formally thank you for your presentations today.  I'm sorry that I could only see one of them, but what I saw was wonderful.  Once again I must say that I am very impressed with the type of programs you and Caren put together, and I think that the teachers, at this point, realize how unique it really is.  Everything about your presentation was excellent:  your knowledge of the material, your rapport with the sutdents, your efficient use of time (sorry it couldn't be longer), and your concern for the teacher's needs.  It is everything we have come to expect from an Art Quest program!  
Thank you again for all your flexibility around scheduling and dates.  I presume that the other two Thursdays will be fine as well and it gives me great pleasure to know that I've finally been able to bring Art Quest to Oak Hill!
Sue Levy

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