“What greater or better gift than to educate our children.” -Cicero

Art Quest is a program that will present your students with a unique opportunity to learn. There are multiple educational objectives. We strive to introduce art history and art appreciation, to integrate the history of art with classroom curriculum and to enhance critical and creative thinking skills. Students will learn how art can communicate through visual images. The process of learning through the arts provides students with in-depth knowledge of subject matter.

Individual children have their own learning styles. Art Quest attempts to reach children through alternative modes of teaching and learning. A safe environment is established in the classroom, the students are told that right and wrong answers are not significant. We want to discuss what we see and how we collect information from visual examples. Children are encouraged to be curious, to discuss ideas and feelings. This ability to express themselves about their observations allows them to be involved and participate verbally.

The choice of subjects for observation is related to classroom curriculum. Art Quest provides an opportunity for teachers to assess what their students have learned. The relevancy allows the students to make connections and understand that art is influenced by and can reflect an individual view, a culture, an environment, or a time period. The simple open-ended process used to discuss the works of art during Art Quest allow the children the opportunity to use higher order thinking skills without pressure. Learning becomes fun, the students are actively participating, they interpret and analyze material and information at a sophisticated level.

The skills children learn during their experience with Art Quest will serve them throughout their lives. The knowledge they gain can be reinforced at school and at home. We encourage parents and teachers to find time to look at art through books, magazines, calendars or by visiting museums and other cultural institutions. We ask them to engage children in discussions about what they see and what they think about works of art.

It is the intention of Art Quest to bring a new dimension and mode of learning into the lives of students, teachers and parents. Art Quest will enrich the lives of the participants and influence their future education.

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