How long is an Art Quest presentation?      
 Art Quest programs are designed to run 45-60 minutes.  For Kindergarten, First and Second Grade we suggest 45 minute presentations; for upper elementary and middle school we suggest 50-60 minutes presentations.


Why is Art Quest scheduled for only one classroom at a time?   
There are several very important benefits to Art Quest’s unique, interactive, single-classroom (25 or fewer) format.:

  • Students feel at ease surrounded only by their closest peers. 
  • In large-scale, auditorium-filled presentations many students fail to listen attentively or feel connected to the performer/program. 
  • Art Quest’s visual, highly interactive, conversational style encourages the involvement of every student at every level of learning.
  • Retention of information is tremendously improved when students participate fully in an enrichment program.


How do I know which program best fits my school or students?  
Speaking with an Art Quest facilitator is the best way to get a good program fit.  We offer over 40 programs, many of which can be adapted to different grade-levels.  Art Quest offers presentations which correspond directly with curriculum studies as well as programs which center on specific art styles and cultures.  Some schools request a unique Art Quest program for each of their grade-levels.  Some schools focus Art Quest on a series of presentations for one grade-level. 


Can I request different Art Quest topics on the same day?  
Absolutely, Art Quest facilitators are trained in all programs, and quite often each presentation in a day is centered on an entirely different topic.


How many Art Quest presentations can be scheduled in one day?  
Generally three to four presentations per day is suggested.  Presenting programs in the morning has the greatest benefit for students.  Your Art Quest facilitator can work with you to determine a schedule that works best for your school’s teachers and students.


Why is there a travel fee in addition to the presentation fee? 
The “travel” fee is designed to cover several factors, which can vary from one school to another.  This fee covers equipment (projectors, screens, bulbs, etc.) which Art Quest is frequently asked to provide, as well as set-up time (some schools are not fully prepared for Art Quest on the day of presentations) and, of course, gasoline for travel.   


What if the Art Quest topics available are not exactly what I would like for my students?  
We are always willing to modify and customize programs to fit the needs of our teachers and students.  Having a conversation with an Art Quest facilitator will clarify your options.  We are prepared to write and design entirely new programs to fit your needs with ample notice.

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