Art Quest in Action
Advocacy for the Arts

Art Quest is a unique educational program designed to develop thinking skills through observation of visual works of art. Art Quest integrates art history and art appreciation with class curriculum providing students with an opportunity to learn visually.

The digital projection of two images simultaneously provides opportunities for comparison and encourages students to participate in discussions. By examining and analyzing works of art  participants learn historical information and to identify individual artist's styles and movements. Art Quest stimulates curiosity and imagination while improving and developing critical, creative and interpretive thinking skills.

Program topics are coordinated with the school curriculum to provide an interdisciplinary approach to education. Art Quest lectures can be adapted or developed to integrate social studies, history, literature, language, or studio art classes. In 1985 Carin Doben began Art Quest to expose children to art in order to provide them with an alternative learning experience by having them observe, question, and investigate the world around them and to enhance their knowledge while making connections to other subjects. Perry Pomeroy started with Art Quest in the fall of 2005.

Art Quest is supported by and on the roster of the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

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